Fantastic product [Nourkrin®]*

I was thrilled with the results… I know this product [Nourkrin®] is expensive but it was truly life changing when I used it in 2005 which is why I didn’t hesitate to use it again.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Yay! This product [Nourkrin®] works!*

I can honestly say that this product [Nourkrin®] seems to work for me… it actually feels and looks thicker and in better condition.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Amazing results*

I am so glad I purchased Nourkrin® – the 6 months supply. The product does what it says for me.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

This [Nourkrin®] works wonders!*

Beginning to look fuller at the roots… I’m smiling – give them a try and hopefully you will be smiling too.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Great product [Nourkrin®], definitely would recommend*

I have been using it for nearly 4 months now and it has made such a big difference… This is a product [Nourkrin®] that I would definitely recommend is worth the money and I will be continuing to use it.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Glad I tried it [Nourkrin®]*

I saw an advert for Nourkrin® so thought I would give it a try. I am so very pleased I did. It has made such a big difference, even after just four months of using it. Would certainly recommend it.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Hair with life and shine*

I started using Nourkrin Woman about 2 years ago when my husband pointed out that my hair was thinning. This has now halted and been turned round. Hairdressers compliment me on the health of my hair.

I have wavy hair- almost pure white now – and it always has bounce and shine. I don’t do anything to it apart from shampoo regularly and condition occasionally. Nourkrin® is perfect.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

My hair is back and so is my happiness!*

After having a serious amount of stress in my life and a car accident that left me unhurt, but a little shocked, I began to notice my hair dropping out more and more.

It started with me noticing it in the shower and around my desk, or the home where I brushed my hair, but as the year carried on, my family and boyfriend stared to comment on how much thinner my hair had become. I had noticed it myself and was started to worry about it, but once they noticed, I really began to investigate as to what I could do. I started taking some vitamins and fish oil and massaging my hair with oil, but none of this seemed to work and by the second year, my hair was getting really thin and wispy at the ends and I just started to feel really unhappy about it all. I had weddings and parties planned and spent most of the time just worrying about my hair, rather than outfits and handbags. I went to a pharmacist to ask about thickening shampoo and he told me all about Nourkrin. At first I was a little unsure as it was a lot for me to spend, but as I really wanted to fix it, I just knew the investment was worth it and I also trusted his advice. It has been 7 months now and I am overjoyed as to what this supplement has done for me.

At first I didn’t really notice much, but obviously hair takes time to grow! But what I did notice within a matter of weeks, was not the growth, but the fact my hair was falling less. My floor was not always covered in hair and the plug not so full of it either. I also noticed that my nails (not mentioned, but this is my result) seemed to grow really strong and so much so that the beauty place I go to seemed to notice! Within 4 months I could see hair growing and and the roots were so much fuller and thicker. Luckily my hair grows really fast, so now it has grown thicker and fuller, rather than longer and thinner. Month 7 is here and I am so pleased with the difference. My hairdresser commented the other day when doing my colour, so that made me really happy as she had no idea about Nourkrin®.

I wanted to share my story as I know how frustrating it is when you can see your hair getting thinner every month and don’t know what to do about it. Sadly prescription medication has a lot of side effects and hair extensions do not solve the problem. I hope this product helps you as much as has done me.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Hair thicker & slowly improving*

I read lots of reviews about this product [Nourkrin®] and decided to give it a try. I know everyone is different and nothing is 100% going to work for everyone. It has been four months now and my hair is slowly improving. It feels thicker and friends say it looks better than it has in a long time. Still not 100% but getting there 🙂

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Nourkrin experience*

I’ve been using Nourkrin® for some time now and although I have yet to see any ‘New Growth’, the fact is, it does stop my hair from thinning any more. During the time I stopped using it, convinced that it could not be doing it’s job, my hair started to fall again. After more Nourkrin® this hair loss stopped.
I am now waiting for ‘New Hair Growth.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.


I’m so impressed. I started taking these tablets [Nourkrin®] with an open mind, as nothing I have ever used has worked before, however I’ve been shocked at the results. I’m amazed. I can’t recommend enough.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

A world of good*

Bought these [Nourkrin®] for my daughter, who has bald patches due to stress, and they have done her a world of good – not only is her hair thickening up, they have uplifted her mood and given her energy. Would highly recommend.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

My hair is thicker*

My hair is thicker and where my hair had thinned due to excessive dyeing it is now growing back with a vengeance!

Samantha Scott
*Always remember that individual results may vary.

It works [Nourkrin®]!*

Excellent product [Nourkrin®] and it works, highly recommended.

Mrs Nicola D. Moulton
*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Amazing for excessive shedding*

I started suffering from excessive shedding out of the blue. It was very distressing and my hair would clump out in the shower. Had blood tests, all came back clear. Tried everything from hair loss shampoos to multivitamins. Nothing worked. I’ve taken Nourkrin® for nearly 6 weeks and my excessive shedding has….stopped!! Amazing.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

It’s funny stuff, hair*

It’s funny stuff, hair. Ever since I can remember I have hated mine. Very fine, curly, frizzes up at the least hint of any humidity (I don’t even need to leave the house sometimes). I can even remember saying, in moments of extreme exasperation, ‘I wish it would all fall out, then I could wear a smart wig instead’. Well, beware what you wish for, because it very nearly did.

I’m now 63. I first noticed very slight changes two or three years ago, rather less hair to scrunch up if I was tying it back, the fringe getting wispier. Nothing too serious and I don’t think that I was particularly bothered about it. You see, I had never been particularly happy about the way my hair looked. The expression ‘crowning glory’ had never applied to me. So having slightly less of it wasn’t an issue.

It did all of a sudden become an issue last year during a weekend break at a rather posh hotel, which had what I can only describe as ‘brutal’ lighting and mirrors in my ensuite. While trying to force my hair into something resembling a style, I picked up a hand mirror so I could get a good look at the back. And then I saw… well, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting to see… my hair, from an aerial view, looked just like that of a middle-aged man well on the way to baldness. Of course, the very bright overhead light did me no favours. In the gaps (there were several) where the few pathetic strands of hair failed to meet, you could clearly see shiny, pink scalp shining through. It was awful. I was devastated.

This all took place exactly a year ago. I started taking Nourkrin®, on the advice of a friend, almost immediately after I returned home. Let’s, be honest… nothing seemed to happen for ages, but I stuck with it. At least this way, I felt I had something to hope for. If it didn’t work, at least I had tried. It was probably around October time (three months into the treatment) that I first noticed an improvement. It was very slight to begin with… just a hint of what looked like new, very fine hairs growing in around the hairline. Of course, I worried they might just drop out, but fortunately they continued to grow becoming thicker and stronger.

Since then, the improvement has continued. Of course, the only place you can really spot new hair growing in is around the hairline, but other new hair must have grown in further back too, because the hair either side of the parting looks much thicker and the sparse areas at the crown of the head are reduced in size. I can’t say they have gone completely, but there is enough hair there now for me to able to camouflage them quite effectively.

So, that is my story. After a year of taking Nourkrin® I’m not expecting further improvement, but I’m much happier about my hair now. I’ve even had a few compliments about how healthy it looks. So I think this will be me popping the pills forever more, but I would say it’s a price well worth paying.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

If others notice it [Nourkrin®] must be working!*

I am now in my fourth month of using Nourkrin® Woman. I only buy when it is on special offer and have just bought 2 more packs as they are on special offer at Boots, so I am now covered for six months. I have been taking two tablets everyday morning and evening with water after food as instructed without missing one day. I bought it as my hair was thinning on the top. After two months I did notice that my hair was thicker on top. I no longer need to spend time in the mirror combing the top to cover the thinning area. I have not noticed my hair growing as I have fairly long hair i.e. nearly half way down my back but 3 different people on 3 separate occasions have told me that my hair has grown and this includes my hairdresser. None of them know that I am using this product and I deliberately made sure I did not tell anyone because I didn’t want any negative comments about wasting money. Also if the product works others will notice before I do as I see my hair everyday and probably wouldn’t notice. Now that I know that others have noticed the difference, I will carry on, as I do believe it does work. In order for it to work you must do it religiously at least for the six months as recommended. Ensure you have plenty of vegetables and water in your diet. You may not notice the difference but others will, so don’t assume it is not working. Probably the best way is not to tell anyone and see if they notice.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Difference in the quality of my hair*

My hair fell out due to a serious illness, it was fine anyway and to lose more was depressing. I have only been taking Nourkrin® for a month and can already see a difference in the quality of my hair and I am delighted, so onwards and upwards.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Happier with my hair*

Good value for money. Now happier with my hair. Would recommend this product [Nourkrin®] to others.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

The most effective treatment [Nourkrin®]*

I have been using this product [Nourkrin®] for many years and it is the most effective treatment for hair loss. I have recommended it to a family member recently.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

[Nourkrin®] Gives my fine hair more body*

I have been using Nourkrin® for a number of years but have not been able to get the product here in Australia. It is definitely beneficial and gives my fine hair more body. An added benefit is the improvement in my skin.

Corinne, Australia
*Always remember that individual results may vary.

I definitely notice a difference*

I have been using this product [Nourkrin®] for some time now and I definitely notice the difference. I am 60 and my hair looks the same as when I was in my early 40s. I wouldn’t be without it.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Definitely a visible improvement*

I have been using Nourkrin® for sometime, but recently stopped using the product to see what difference it made, particularly as it was becoming quite expensive. However, after a couple of months I really noticed that the condition of my hair had deteriorated and as a consequence I have now started using it again. It is not a quick fix, but if you persevere and follow the initial dosage recommendations, it definitely does contribute to a visible improvement in the condition and thickness of the hair. I personally believe that this is a product that you need to maintain in your regime, therefore, it is important to find retails such as Pharma Medico International that offer the product at an attractive discounted price, way below high street pharmacists.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

A godsend [Nourkrin®] for PCOS sufferer!*

As a PCOS sufferer these have become my daily supplement. My hair is now thicker and my hair loss has reduced significantly. It’s also longer than it’s ever been. I started to notice a difference after about 3 months and have been on them [Nourkrin®] for about a year.

Cherry Cola
*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Fantastic product [Nourkrin®] to reduce hair loss*

I was very concerned about the amount of hair loss I was experiencing, mostly thinning. I heard about Nourkrin Woman, and just 2 1/2 months after starting tablets, I noticed hair regrowth! The amount of hair shedding reduced an awful lot, and I noticed hair regrowth first around the temples & hairline. I’m so relieved to have found out about these tablets – they are really making a difference already. Buying another 3-month supply. Highly recommend.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

The hair grows much quicker…*

Regular user. Find it [Nourkrin®] helps the general quality of hair, and the hair grows much quicker…

Cindy Hart
*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Daren’t stop taking it [Nourkrin®]*

I have had thinning hair for quite some years. My hair is fine and it got to the point where I could see my scalp clearly. Was advised by a trichologist to try a couple of different supplements. Chose Nourkrin®… Now into 3rd year but daren’t stop taking it!

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Delivered fantastic results [Nourkrin®]*

I started to use this product [Nourkrin®] after I started to lose hair rapidly due to stress. My doctor said there was nothing I could do, however, these tablets made a great difference to my hair. After 3 months my hair had stopped falling out and after 6 months I started to have new hair growth. I am so happy with these tablets, they are definitely worth investing in.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Excellent product*

Been using this product [Nourkrin®] for a year & I find it does what it promises.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

None of the other have worked as well as Nourkrin®*

I have tried shampoo, treatments and other supplements for hair, but none of the other have worked as well as Nourkrin®. I have bought it 3 times now and will continue, because the results are really good.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

The results [from Nourkrin®] have taken a while*

However, after 5 months I can see my hair is growing fast and strong.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Nourkrin® has made a big difference for my hair*

Nourkrin® has made a big difference for my hair. I have a hair disorder that has unfortunately meant that my hair breaks. After I have used Nourkrin® for a while, I have only experienced positive results. Pretty much from day one.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

It [Nourkrin®] really gave me hope*

I’m in love with this product due to the fact that it really gave me hope when I was hopeless, scared and depressed.

My hair is my statement. Because of it I feel really feminine, strong and confident.

For several years I have suffered from an autoimmune illness, but last year I got a new problem with my thyroid gland. I started to take medication and at the very beginning it started my hair loss.

In a very short period of time I lost a 1/3 of my hair. I started to feel depressed, scared and anxious. The illness became my second problem and my hair loss became the biggest problem for me. My whole apartment was full of my hair, my working area was full of it… it fell in clumps and I was scared every time I had to wash my hair due to the enormous loss.

As I intend to talk about my condition – my friend told me a story about her friend who had a problem with the hair loss due to the stress. She was so kind and recommend a Nourkrin® product. This was only a beginning of the problem resolution. As I live in Croatia and don’t have access to these products here, I also had to try to get it from other countries in the region such as Slovenia and Austria, unfortunately without success.

All of my friends were included in the ‘pursuit’ for Nourkrin® products. One of them was traveling to London and managed to buy me my first 3-month supply. After 3 months of taking the product my hair started to drop more slowly and not in big chunks. For the first time, I felt that there was a chance that my hair would stop falling. I continued to use the product. After six months my hair stopped to fall, and after 8 months of using this magical product, new hair started to grow. I was as happy as a little kid with a lollipop.

From that time, I have recommended the product to a few of my colleagues and I would recommend it to all of the women, who have problems with a hair loss, no matter the reason. Stress, illness, medications, genetics…

If there is a possibility of getting over this problem, why not to try it!? I wish I had known about this magical product sooner.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

NOTHING has worked as fast or effectively as Nourkrin®*

I am so happy. I have tried a lot of products that should supposedly help against female hair loss. NOTHING has worked as fast or effectively as Nourkrin®. This product is very effective

Anne Mette
*Always remember that individual results may vary.

My hair began to improve quite rapidly*

I think that Nourkrin® is an excellent product. My hair started to thin during my menopause and I became really distressed as I had up until then always had long and thick hair. After using Nourkrin® my hair began to improve quite rapidly and I can now say that I have lovely shoulder length, thick hair again.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

I have been experiencing hair loss*

I have been experiencing hair loss since having my baby and after taking the tablets [Nourkrin®] for only a week or so I definitely started to notice a difference in my hair, it was shinier, looked a lot fuller and healthier and there was less hair clogging up the plughole!

However these tablets [Nourkrin®] are very expensive, they work out at £1 per day and yes they work but I’m not convinced the difference was really noticeable to other people, just myself. I am lucky as my hair is already quite thick so whilst minimising hair loss is a benefit it’s not as important to me as it might be for others.

I would recommend these tablets [Nourkrin®] if you are really suffering with hair loss and it’s making an impact on your confidence.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

I’ve been suffering the effects of post-partum hair loss*

I’ve been suffering the effects of post-partum hair loss since 2013. I’ve had bald patches around my hairline ever since and although the shedding has reduced, it has never returned to what I would consider to be ‘normal.’ I wasn’t sure that anything other then time would help me regrow my hair – and this has impacted my self-esteem quite considerably. On hearing about Nourkrin tablets I was of course sceptical, however after a months course I do believe that they have contributed towards an improvement. I have definitely noticed considerably less hair loss and I even have new hair growth around my hair line – which I am delighted about. Due to the reduced rate of hair loss my hair feels thicker and for the first time in what feels like forever I actually wore my hair down over the weekend and my husband commented on the fact that I was ‘back.’ Over all I would say give these a try, they are quite expensive but they do aid your hair in recovery.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

I was pleasantly surprised*

I was pleasantly surprised that these tablets  [Nourkrin®] actually made a difference. About six months after having my twin boys my hair starting falling out at a furious rate and my hairdresser said she could really notice my hair thinning out and had I thought about taking anything to help. I tried the usual but nothing made a difference, when I found Nourkrin I was doubtful that they would be much good but I was desperate. I’ve only used them for a month but my hair no longer falls out in clumps which is such a relief, I haven’t noticed any re growth yet but I’m happy with the fact that my hair no longer falls out. These tablets [Nourkrin®] aren’t cheap but they actually work and are easy to take.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Finally something [Nourkrin®] out there that works*

I have very thin hair and not a lot of it. Therefore hair loss after my first pregnancy was awful. It was very noticeable. I just got prescribed iron tablets from my doctor.

I am now postnatal with my second child and was extremely worried this would happen again so started taking these tablets straight away.

My hair is in much better condition than it ever has been and feels a lot thicker. Even my hairdresser has noticed the change. I want to take these tablets forever :-).

I have noticed a lot of negative comments about the price of these tablets which is fair – however from a lifetime of thin hair you really cant put a price on healthy hair, I would happily pay this every day of the week.

Highly recommended.

Ava Rose
*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Having been through seven pregnancies*

Having been through seven pregnancies I know what post pregnancy hair loss can be like. I’ve always hated the amount of hair clogging up the drain after every birth and for the months following.

I was skeptical that these [Nourkrin®] would make any difference, mainly due to them being taken orally. I decided to try them as it was no effort at all. During the first couple of weeks I noticed no difference at all, I did feel quite disappointed. By the 3rd week I started to notice less hair loss and could see some new growth, especially around the front of my hair line. This did surprise me, they were doing what they said they would!

I think they’re expensive, especially when you add the monthly amount to a shopping bill with nappies on it.

I’m very happy to say these [Nourkrin®] do work though. I would recommend these [Nourkrin®] to someone with thin hair to start with, they would make a big difference.
My hair feels stronger along with much less hair loss in a very short amount of time. No effort required, I feel that needs to be mentioned!

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Works well [Nourkrin®]*

I also had compliments about how my hair was looking since taking the tablets [Nourkrin®] which was a bonus. I would definitely recommend to new mums.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Very helpful after delivering my child*

I’m personally so much thankful to Nourkrin®. After I delivered my child, I started losing hair at an alarming rate. I saw the Nourkrin® Ad on a magazine and tried a 3 months supply. It was very helpful. Hair fall was controlled and new hair started growing. I’m so thankful to this amazing product.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Works well [Nourkrin®]*

I’ve always had thick hair that needs thinning out when I get it cut, but after the birth of my daughter, my hairdresser noticed it didn’t need thinning anymore and had changed a lot. The tablets [Nourkrin®] are really easy to take I just used to have one each morning after breakfast. After using them for a while I did notice an improvement in my hair, it was feeling thicker and I wasn’t noticing any hair loss. My hairdresser said new hair was growing. I also had compliments about how my hair was looking since taking the tablets [Nourkrin®], which was a bonus. I would definitely recommend to new mums suffering with hair loss.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

I had good results [from Nourkrin®]*

I took the tablets for a month. After 2 weeks I noticed that my hair loss was lessening, after 3 weeks it became my normal pre pregnancy hair loss and have noticed new hairs growing back. I’m pleased with the product.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

I have hair again :)*

I lost a lot of hair after pregnancy, so much so I considered getting it very short because I struggled brushing it.

After using this product [Nourkrin®] till it was finished I did notice a clear difference in the hair loss and brushing was slightly easier. I have just ordered more as my hair does still fall out even though I gave birth 10 months ago.

They are in the form of tablets that you take daily and although a little big, it was easier to use than a steroid cream commonly prescribed by doctors, ease of use was far superior than that.

I have recommended this product [Nourkrin®] to other mums in the same situation as me to try.

Lesley Anne
*Always remember that individual results may vary.


I was very sceptical about this and didn’t expect it to work at all. I have very fine hair so couldn’t spare any more loss after my son! These [Nourkrin®] really do work. Even my hairdresser has noticed a difference. Very good.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Finally my hair has stopped shedding*

The tablets [Nourkrin®] are easy to fit into your lifestyle, you take 1 tablet daily in the morning and that is it.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Really works*

Granted it’s not a complete miracle cure that will overnight give you model flowing hair but it [Nourkrin®] has made a huge difference to the feel and look of my hair.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Fantastic product [Nourkrin®]*

Nourkrin® is the best! Nourishes and supports growth of hair. My hair was dry and damaged so I had about twelve inches cut off with the idea that ‘starting over’ would be the way to go. I decided to give my hair the best possible help so along with a good keratin shampoo & conditioner, I tried Nourkrin® and now I have thick shiny healthy hair that grows quickly. In 6 months, it’s grown roughly 5 inches, so I’m well on the way to Elle MacPherson style hair. Nourkrin® is definitely part of my beauty regime, it’s so worth it!

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

The effect [of Nourkrin®] is better than I had dared hope for*

Easy to take and the effect [of Nourkrin®] is better than I had dared hope for. Will order again for sure.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.


My husband started taking these [Nourkrin®] some months ago. I was very sceptical, but let him get on with it… but to my amazement (and photographic evidence) there seems to have been a significant improvement in the texture and thickness of his hair.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.


2 months ago I had a large bald patch and receding. Today I have scalp full of hair. Can’t really believe it. As long as you take 2 a day. Fantastic.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.

Good product [Nourkrin®]*

This is a good product [Nourkrin®]. It doesn’t make miracles but it stabilises hair condition.

*Always remember that individual results may vary.


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