What the Users Say

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that have been affected by hair growth issues, and who have experienced the benefits of Nourkrin®.
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‘My hair feels great’

Shirley, Ireland

My wedding date was set for summer 2016, and I couldn’t be more excited. My only wedding worry was my hair, which was thinning and breaking very easily and not looking good.

I had put it down to college stress as a mature student, but six months after my final exams I was still struggling with my hair. I had read about Nourkrin® and I read people’s testimonials online and felt I could relate to their hair problems, so I decided to try Nourkrin®.

I started taking Nourkrin® in October 2015 and by Christmas I had noticed a huge change with new hair growth. My hair was stronger and breaking less. My hairdresser noticed the condition of my hair and how much it had improved and how fast it was growing. With each salon visit for hair trials leading up to my wedding, the girls in the salon would compliment my hair and say how easy it was to style. My hair feels great and I will continue to recommend this product as I have seen amazing results.

‘Improvement in thickness’

Grace Duggan, Ireland

I am finding an improvement in the thickness of my hair. It is much thicker when I let it dry naturally and don’t style it … when freshly washed it resembles the hair I used to have. I would say to women not to panic. My hair has been falling out for two years now and while the hair loss in the plughole and the hairbrush can be extremely distressing, I don’t have any bald patches … Wash your hair, tie it up in a grip and let it dry naturally. Try not to style it.

‘Benefits are huge’

Maria Nason, Ireland

I am staying with Nourkrin® as the benefits that I have noticed are huge. Both the growth & quality of my hair are clear to see. The strength of my hair has improved greatly with no split ends/breakages at this stage… A lot of people have commented about the condition of my hair + I have had no hesitations in telling them about this supplement that I continue to take twice daily. I personally see a huge difference because I had quite a short hairstyle for a few years… My hair is almost the desired length & I am so very happy + satisfied…

‘Encourages new hair growth’

Carol Deegan, Ireland

I find Nourkrin® definitely encourages new hair growth, but not evenly all over. It certainly improves the condition of hair and nails. This has been noted by my hairdresser and nail technician.

‘Much improvement’

Yvonne Martin, Ireland

My hair has much improved it seems to be growing in length very quickly but not in width at the moment but maybe that takes much longer.

‘Confindent and happier’

Karen Murray, Ireland

Like most women [there is] a long list of things we would like to change about ourselves, but having poor, weak, thin & fragile hair is probably top of my list, I look with envy at people with thick full growth – anyhow I have been taking my daily dose, started off slow, as I had in the past taken supplements for hair, all of which did not agree with me, made me a little nauseous – anyway I had no side effect from Nourkrin®, and take with a glass of water. My hair will never be full & thick but it has certainly improved, I wash my hair every second day, unless I need to, I don’t want to dry out natural oils, on day two I always wear a light hat as my hair being so fine gaps after sleeping on it, during winter months this is ok, but in summer months it looks ridiculous, this year the hat was away – normally I would not have the confidence on day 2 to go out without, this year I got two days hat free, on the odd occasion I did wash the hair on consecutive days, but on the most my hair was good, I was not always sure, but my family told me it was looking a lot better, I will continue taking [Nourkrin®] & think my girls (even though young, but also have fine hair – but not to my extent) will take the product designed for younger people. I keep my hair short but feel a lot more confident & happier about my hair than I used to and may even let it grow to a little longer length & even try a change in my doo!!

I am glad I stuck with it – I have a tendency to let things slide when there are no immediate results. So glad I kept things going. Still taking Nourkrin® and feel better to be doing something rather than waiting for my hair to get thinner. Thanks again!

‘Very effective’

Deidre Ward, Ireland

I’m delighted to say I’m finding the Nourkrin® tablets very effective. Since I’ve started the course my hair seems much thicker and looks more fuller and in much better condition, when I wash it my hair now it stays looking good for a few days where as before I needed to wash it most days to look any way decent. [I’m] delighted with Nourkrin® as my hair feel in much better condition and looks thicker and healthier. I would recommend my friends to try Nourkrin®.

‘Happy with Nourkrin®’

Dolores Doyle, Ireland

I am very happy with the Nourkrin®. After the initial 3 months I will admit I did not see much of a change but in the last few weeks can say there seems to be an improvement. Look forward to completing the course and see more results.

‘Works a treat!’

Natasha, mother of two

Brilliant product, noticed a difference in a week, my hair is soft, and no longer falling out, the new hair growth is growing very quickly, I’d recommend [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] any new mum to be!!!!

‘Definite improvement’

Lydia, mother of two

I have been taking these [Nourkrin® Post Pregnancy] tablets for around 3 weeks now and I have seen an improvement. I am still experiencing hair loss but not at the rate it was previously. New hair has started to grow and it does seem to be growing quite quickly. It is also in a much better condition than after having my first child and nothing else in my hair care routine has changed.